Navigate through Family Chaos

with Humour & Visuals

Keep it simple. Keep it visual. Keep in touch.


Emotional Intelligence Training Boards for Kids

With your «Prototype» for Soft-Skill-Trainings & Teamwork at Home

Let children
grow with tasks

Creating moments to strengthen
the relationship with your kids

Share emotions & respect
for ourselves & our children


Hello, I‘m Kati, creator of Simpolino.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, mum of two tornados, design lover & unshakable optimist, dedicated to helping you become the parent you most want to be.

I love creative solutions to educate children, designed to be loved by parents & kids, playful & simple to use.

Let me take you on a visual journey in your home
and have fun!


with a magnetic board that says more than a thousand words…


Time together

Wish you had more quality time?
Want to create memories
that last forever?

Shared Duties

Want your kids to get involved in
household duties?
Want to raise self-sufficient kids?

Big Emotions

Want to teach your kids how to
handle feelings? Want your kids
to become more confident?

Education your kids will love, in designs that you will love, playful & simple to use.

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Stories of Success

Here are a few inspiring Simpolino stories from families who have experienced change in their daily routine.
They shared their Stick-to-what-matters-moments with us.

«Simpolino magnetic board is a tool through which we have started a new type of discussion in our family. It brought us the awareness and a format how to introduce small children into daily chores. It is the beginning of a conscious discussion throughout our kid’s childhood, instead of random blaming talks of frustrated parents.»

Personal Coach, Mum of twins

«The Simpolino chores chart has helped me to focus on the help I need around the household and on what is important for me. It is helped the children to experience that they can make a valuable contribution to our family. Not just for the sake of completing the actual chores, but for making an impact. That is what gives them confidence.»

Doctor, Mum of three kids

«Simpolino is a wonderful way of visually showing the entire family all of the chores that need to be done on a daily basis, and getting everyone involved. It’s design is simple and cute, kids adore it and get really excited about their chores! It’s not a magic pill of course, but the awareness alone makes a huge difference. We love it!»

Health&Lifestyle Coach, Mum of two boys