My Story

Why Simpolino?

On my journey to get through family chaos with humour, I started to illustrate our daily routine with magnetic icons for goals, tasks & emotions. Everyone pins them on our family wall. It is a symbolic reminder that we are in this together & to stick to what matters. What this is, I had to learn… It is not my motherly perfection, but simply sharing…TIME, DUTIES & EMOTIONS.
With this in mind, our Simpolino Journey was born, a way for creative family conversations. With a magnet board that speaks more than a 1000 words. Many times I was not successful to stick to it … & I wanted to give up. Until I realised that it is a long process & Simpolino has helped me to keep going …With amazing results. .I learned to teach my children how to express feelings… to manage time… & to roll up their sleeves & help with household duties… All simple things…which we simply forget in our daily… distracted lifes…With Simpolino families can create a movement for creative & mindful family
dialogues with the help of visual anchors that create islands in everyday stress to finally spend time consciously with our children again.
Simpolino makes it easier to stick to what matters, for anybody involved aged 4-99 years.Let‘s pay attention together, understand what matters, and create joyful education with loving relationships that strengthens our children for life.
Have fun!