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stick to what matters

« Good families are off track 90 percent of the time! » (Steven Covey)

What a relief! What makes a difference though, is that happy families know what matters to them. They have a plan, a family vision, which shows them where to go. Like a captain of ship with a clear destination. Most of the time the boat will not be exactly on track, but the captain has the tools to stir back and a compass, which shows him where to go.

You are the captain of your family ship!


When you invest in happiness for your family, you’re also creating meaningful change for the future of your children. There are 3 S Secrets that HAPPY FAMILIES have

  • A Vision what matters to them
  • A Plan how to get there
  • A Compass to help everyone get back on track if things get out of control. And they will!

Get your kids to cooperate, have fun and strengthen them for life — and the Simpolino tools will help you do it.
Sharing duties, time and emotions will give your family the power to sail through stormy weathers.


Simpolino tools are designed to help you create joyful education with loving relationships that strengthen your children for life.

Keep it simple. Keep it visual. Keep in touch.